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One-Stop Manufacturing Solution

As one of the fastest growing extruders in the industry, we are committed to bringing our best to the table. It is part of our mission to innovate and provide advanced solutions to fulfil our client's needs.

Our plant facility is not limited to extrusion; we also provide end-to-end solutions, from design assistance, custom aluminium profiles, surface finishing, value added services such as precision cutting, milling, deburring and CNC machining, to custom packaging and delivery services.


Windows and door frames, curtainwalls, louvres, shopfronts, grilles, skylights, roller shutters, handrails and other architectural system.


Heat sink, heat exchanger, busbars, television aerial, telecommunication parts, lighting parts, electrical tubes & piping and others.


Office partition, banquet chair, curtain track, kitchen cabinet, wardrobe profiles and others.


Aluminium conveyor system, T-slot profiles, material handling systems, engineering parts and components for machineries.


Module frames, components and other relevant products.


Car accessories, seating components, structural parts, automotive parts, interior components for commercial vehicles, such as train, rail and others. Aluminium equipment, handrail and ladder for cruise ships, yachts, leisure boats and other relevant products.

Extrusion Manufacturing

Five press lines up to 10 inches

As one of the very few manufacturers equipped with 10" press line, Superb Aluminium has the ability to extrude complex profiles in various shapes and sizes, according to customer preferences. At present, our annual capacity stands at 18,000 MT.

Our manufacturing plant is also equipped with water quenching facility. When maximum hardness is desired, we can advise on the appropriate quenching method, be it water submerging or water spraying.

As a trusted supplier, we have been exporting our products to Australia and the United States of America, and have regularly supplied to many large projects within the country.

Special Extruded Profile

Our focus on providing innovative solutions to our customers has allowed Superb Aluminium to make significant investment in our plant facilities. This includes five extrusion presses, making us one of very few aluminium manufacturers in Malaysia equipped with 3,000 MT 10" Extrusion Press Line.

With high accuracy and sophisticated technology, our team of specialists can extrude profiles measuring up to Circumscribing Circle Diameter (CCD) of 300mm(W) x 120mm(H) and extrusion length up to 7.5 metres.

Our products are produced to the highest quality with accreditation from ISO 9001:2015, MS 2289:2010 and CIDB where our products can be used in numerous applications such as architectural, automotive, electrical, consumer product, general engineering, road and transport.

special extruded aluminium profile

Alloy Type

While the majority of our alloys are within the 6000 series, we have experience with a wide variety of aluminium alloys, including:

Alloy Types

10701070 is the softest alloy with a minimum aluminium content of 99.7%. It is a wrought alloy with high corrosion resistance and excellent brazing ability.Primarily used in electrical applications demanding electrical conductivity of >60% IACS.
60056005 has similar properties to 6061 and 6082, and can sometimes be used interchangeably with them. But, 6005 has better extrusion characteristics and it responds well to common anodizing methods such as clear, color dye, and hardcoat, therefore creating a better mill surface finish. Whilst it has excellent bending properties, it is not recommended for applications where the structure may be susceptible to impact or overloading.Commonly used for designs requiring moderate strength and excellent corrosion resistance such as,
• Seamless and structural tubing
• Automotive connector shock
• Structural members
• Ladder structures
• Hand rail tubing
60616061 is one of the most common and versatile for extrusion. It is generally referred to as structural aluminium since its strength makes it ideal for structural applications for almost any job requiring a light-yet-tough metal.Used extensively as a construction material for heavy duty structures, most commonly in the manufacture of marine and automotive components.
60636063 is a top choice for architectural materials. It allows complex shapes to be formed with very smooth surface fit for anodizing and so is popular for visible architectural applications that do not weather easily, and these advantages make 6063 the most popular alloy to extrude.Popular for visible architectural applications such as,
• Railing
• Door and window frames
• Furniture
• Heatsinks
60826082 has the highest strength in the 6000 series with excellent corrosions resistance. It is also known for its structural ability and has replace 6061 in many applications.Typically used in highly stressed applications:
• Bridges
• Cranes
• Other transport application
61016101 is a heat treatable alloy specifically designed for electrical conductors with an electrical conductivity slightly higher than 6060 or 6063.Used in electrical bus bar conductor applications for enclosed bus electrical installations. It has higher mechanical strength compare with alloy 1070.
64636463 is a soft extrusion alloy that meets special needs in applications where bright anodized finish is requiredThis alloy is designed to accept bright-dip anodizing to achieve a highly reflective, mirror-like finish as seen in
• Decorative trims
• Light frames
• Shower doors
• reflectors

Chemical Composition Limits

Chemical Composition Limits

Mechanical Properties Limits: Extruded

Diamond Grille

As part of Superb Aluminium’s pledge to continuously innovate and expand our services to meet market demand, we now extrude diamond grille profiles. Our process begins from extruding aluminium plate which are then punched in pre-set positions and stretched to the required width. Our diamond grille is supplied in flat panels so that it will not unravel when cut. It is also lightweight and durable.

It is more commonly used in industrial, commercial or even domestic projects that wish to enhance security yet maintain aesthetic appeal. Like any other profiles, diamond grille can also be powder coated or anodised or retain its mill-finish origin.

diamond grille

As part of our commitment to be a full-fledged solution provider for aluminium extrusion, we offer the following services to clients.

1. Anodising

a) Natural Anodised Finishing
This electro-chemical process thickens the natural oxide film on the aluminium metal surfaces that provide extreme hardness, corrosion and wear resistance. Finishes are available in natural anodised, light bronze, medium bronze, dark bronze and black.

finishes colours natural anodised, light bronze, medium bronze, dark bronze and black

b) Coloured Anodised Finishing
The oxide layer formed in natural anodising is transparent. Coloured oxide layers are also achievably added. In the colouring process, inorganic metal particles are deposited electrolytically into the base of the pores. This process offers colour flexibility and technically the most advanced colour quality, adding beauty to its existing durability.

Colour Anodising

c) Hardcoat Anodising Finishing
Sometimes called Type III, hardcoat anodising offers greater protection and resistance for aluminium components that subject to extreme wear applications where superior abrasion resistance is needed, or used in highly corrosive environment where a thicker, harder, more durable coating is necessary. It can also be valuable where enhanced electrical insulation is required.

At Superb Aluminium, hardcoat anodising (ASTM type A & MIL-A-8625F Type III) up to 45micron in thickness is offered.

For technical reasons connected with colour reproduction and media limitations, the colours shown may not be exact representations of the finished products.

2. Powder Coating
Powder coating refers to a surface finishing method where solid fine powder paint is thinly sprayed to the work piece by an electrostatic spray, followed by a curing process where the work piece will be melted to form a film and further heated to polymerise to cure the coating. The standard thickness of powder coating aluminium is 60 to 80 microns.

engineer powder coating aluminium

At present, Superb Aluminum has two powder coating lines with capabilities for extrusions as long as 7.00 metres. As the approved applicator for Interpon, Axalta, Jotun, PPG, DGL International and Oxyplast, we can serve your needs, including but not limited to:

· Colour matching (standard RAL colours or customised colors to match customer requirements)
· Texture and Gloss level (matte, sahara, low, semi and high gloss)
· Finishing (solid or metallic)
· Super durable powder

manufacuring powder coating finishing yellow

Our powder coating service is also in compliance with AAMA 2603, AAMA 2604 & AAMA 2605 with back-to-back warranty (refer to table below).

Coating Specification complianceBack-to-Back Warranty
AAMA 2603
(Voluntary Specification, Performance Requirements and Test Procedures for pigmented organic coating on Aluminium Extrusion and panels)
10 years warranty
AAMA 2604
(Voluntary Specification, Performance Requirements and Test Procedures for high performance organic coating on Aluminium Extrusion and panels)
20 - 25 years warranty
AAMA 2605
(Voluntary Specification, Performance Requirements and Test Procedures for superior performing organic coating on Aluminium Extrusion and panels)
30 years warranty

3. Wood Grain

Wood grain finishing is a sublimation process that is used to imprint patterns on the aluminium profiles after powder coating to create a wood-like texture. It takes a combination of pressure and heat to transfer the patterns on the aluminium.

For technical reasons connected with colour reproduction and media limitations, the colours shown may not be exact representations of the finished products.

manufacturing wood grain finishing options

4. Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF)

PVDF is a resin-based coating system that offers multiple layers of protection, up to a maximum of 4-layer protection. Due to its stable chemical properties and good adhesion effect, PVDF is ideal for applications where excellent anti-fading, anti-frosting and weather resistance are required.

At present, it is mainly used in aircraft, ships, building curtain walls and high-grade architectural profiles. Our service is in compliance with AMMA 2605 standard backed by a 30-year warranty.

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